Vintage ration depot

British WW II Rations, by the piece.

  • Oatmeal, Individual
  • Price: $1.75
  • This single serve packet of oatmeal is from the 24 Hour Ration. You combine it with 8oz (2/3 mug) of hot water to make a serving of oatmeal. Tommy generally added some milk, sugar and a tiny bit of salt to taste (not included).

  • Tea Blocks
  • Price: $5.50
  • These Tea Blocks were included in the 24 Hour Ration, and by 1942 not only included soluble (instant for you Yanks) tea, but also instant milk and sugar to make a cup of tea. Even though they can be made with cold water, no self-respecting Tommy would waste the opportunity to have a hot cuppa'. Prized for their convenience, there were always some tea blocks in the average Tommy's kit bag for times when a full brew-up was not practical. You get 2 Tea Blocks for $ 5.50

  • Meat Ration, Beef
  • Price: $6.95
  • This is the tinned corned beef ration Tommy has called "Bully Beef" since it was first issued in the 1870s. You get a 12 oz tin of beef, with either British, Australian or Canadian labels. We will include choices as they become available. This requires some Baby-Boomer skill!, as the tin still uses the clever wind-key tin, just like the originals. :-)

  • Latrine Paper
  • Price: $2.25
  • One of the critical bits of kit in Tommy's pack. This is the 4-sheet version that came in the 24hr Ration. You get three packs to resolve any end-item issues.

  • Meat Ration, Pork
  • Price: $6.95
  • This is tinned pork in the post 1942 tin instead of the earlier MOF rust red one. Perfect from Mid-North Africa clear into VE day and beyond. This tin has the key-wind opener tin welded to the top or bottom, and is as authentic as it is Spam-Like. These were issued in both 24 Hour Rations and Compo Sets. You get one 12 oz tin. Great on biscuits!

  • Biscuits, Plain
  • Price: $3.95
  • The Biscuits, Plain are an institution in the British Army, and were the basic issue of rations from the early days of warfare. Packaging for them came about in the late 1860s, yet until the 1990's no one had figured out that flavour me be needed... These biscuits are packed in packs of 5, first sealed in a cello-like wrap, and secondarily in a tough paper wrapper held tight by a label generally displaying the manufacturing date. These biscuits are best eaten "Mushed Up/Dunked" in tea, topped with meats, or just sucked on for a bit of energy heading into action.

  • Biscuits, Plain (3-Pack)
  • Price: $10.95
  • You get three packages of plain biscuits, which were a vital part of every on-the-go meal Tommy ate.

  • Bread, Brown
  • Price: $6.95
  • Part of the "Ration, Composite 14 Men", Brown bread is a sweet breed that comes in a tin. Generally designed to be eaten at short meal sessions with tea, this bread is perfect with meat, jam, cheese, or butter. Sliced and toasted, it was and is a favourite with Tommy to hold beans in tomato sauce. Our tin will easily serve four hungry troopers. This may, just as in WW II, come plain or with raisins, as the gods of logistics are a fickle lot. You get one tin.

  • Boiled Sweets (Late War)
  • Price: $3.95
  • One of the favourites of all troops-Boiled SWeets-AKA Hard Candy. You get a boxed pack of two individual bags containing sweets in all the colours, err, should we say 'flavours' of the WW2 favourite. Flavours include cherry, orange, lemon, lime and, gads, "tropical". While we have no control over their distribution in the packs, you can always trade the 'green' to a new trooper for some 'red'. Incidentally-While these treats are normally a part of the compo ration that contained 7 packs per sub-case, the individual (near clasp-knife proof) cello bags were also issue in the 24 Hour Ration.

  • Sugar Packs (Compo and 24hr Ration)
  • Price: $3.95
  • Things just not sweet enough? Do you have a 'Tea Wallah' who makes the perfect cuppa' for your section? Here are three packs of sugar tablets (or 'cubes' for you Yanks). Each one holds 6 lumps or pressed tablets to sweeten everything from your oatmeal ration to the sour water the mess section insists is 'sweetened lemonade'.

  • Small Pack Filler
  • Price: $23.95
  • This is a great sampler of what Tommy would carry in his small pack and mess tin set during the 1943-1944 time frame. Sure to enhance your impression and provide you with 2-3 meals in the field. You Get: 1 tin of Bully Beef, 2 packs of Biscuits, Plain, a cello bag of Boiled Sweets, a pack of Oatmeal (24 Hour Ration Sized), a slip-pack of Milk Powder, a 6-Tablet Pack of Sugar, 2 Tea Blocks, and the Latrine Paper. These components are all from the 24 Hour Ration, and are what Tommy would have dined on for part of a day. Separately, this would sell for over $29, But get the set for only $23.95

  • Pocket Tin Opener (3-in-1)
  • Price: $3.75
  • This item was part of both the 24hr Ration and the Composite Ration. It beats its American cousin (P38) by a feature prized by Tommy when packing light and leaving the Yafflespanners (Silverware) behind on patrol, in that it not only opened tins and the very rare bottle of beer when NAAFI came 'round, but also featured a spoon to eat with. Packaged in war-time packaging, and still made by one of the original contractors. Get the Key to it all (especially if Tinned or Bottled).

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