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 German Rations of World War II

While we are initially only offering the so-called "Halbeiserne Portion" ('Half-Iron Ration'), we are currently working on bringing a full menu of Wehrmacht rations, with a group for the Army (Heer) and Luftwaffe, as well as some of the Waffen SS special feeding rations as soon as we are catching our breath a bit!

  • Halbeiserne Portion-Half Iron Ration
  • Price: $11.95
  • The "Halbeiserne Portion" (Half-Iron Ration) was the mandatory carry issue ration for German soldiers on the go. This assures that each man carries sufficient food to last at least 2 meals. The leftovers are to be carried in the Messkit ("Kochgeschirr"). This ration was to be only opened upon orders by the commander of the unit when field kitchen service was not available. The ration consists of a bread component (Knackebrot or Hartzwieback) and a 300gram (approx. 10.5 ounces) meat portion. The meat could be Chicken, Fish, Beef, Blutwurst or Pork. Early in the war. the cans were not labeled at all, but with both Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe (and even SS units) being supplied, meats were labeled as to their content. As seen in the picture to the left, the inner components (right Side) are packed in the outer bag, properly marked for the responsible food distribution office). Our current stock includes Tuna, Chicken or Beef with Sauce, and at this point you may get either, unless you let us know. Once more varieties are available, we will try to introduce more choices. At this point, every authentically outer wrapped bundle will surprise you just like the Landsers who received them prior to action.

  • Bohnenkaffee-Ground Bean Coffee
  • Price: $2.95
  • This ration of ground coffee was generally issued as an "extra" ration prior to overnight missions, patrols and as a reward for "Fronteinsatz:-Action in the front lines. Soldiers would hoard such rations against future use, and pack them in their mess tins. The packet is the standard Wehrmacht version of this ration containing the 30 gram ration of coffee inside a cello-like wrapper contained within the properly marked envelope. When brewing up, this would make a single mug or 2 canteen cups of coffee. Landsers tended to pool their brewing resources to make entire mess tins full of coffee. This is the actual European coffee as used during WW II,

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